100 days of art and essays

This is for The 100 Day Project beginning April 7, 2020. It’s an annual collective challenge that takes place on Instagram under #the100dayproject hashtag. My haiku series came out of the first year I participated in this project in 2016, although I only made it 21 days. This will be a continuation of my word series, where I’ll be creating a 6″ painting based on the Word of Day, although I may opt for an essay using the WOTD instead.

I’ll post paintings here as soon as they’re complete, with detailed explanations of my thought process. Follow this project in real time by subscribing to my email newsletter – I send an email every Friday with all the paintings/essays that have been completed in the past week. You can also follow along on Instagram @sarahschumacher.art.

I took a hiatus in the fall to finish a painting for an auction, and as of Spring 2021 I’m getting back to work on these. The words I’m painting are the 100 sequential words from April-July 2020.

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