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mixed media makes you think:

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mixed media makes you think:

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abstract thoughts

I’m a self-taught mixed media artist and writer of essays. I turn abstract thoughts into abstract paintings in acrylic paint, ink and collected objects. The goal of my art is to communicate a concept and encourage its understanding in a more complex, non-dualistic way. The same is true of my essays, and I often combine the two.

I built this site to explain my process, document paintings/progress shots, and provide a home for my essays. Most of the paintings on this site are not for sale, although I might be open to the right commission. I will be selling most of 2020’s The 100 Day Project paintings when that project is complete.

I’ll also throw out a plug for my day job and say that if you’re starting (or growing) a small business and need help with your website, hit me up over at to set up a consult or a website assessment. Business consulting, branding, and building websites like this is what I do when I’m not splattering paint all over the floor.

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This was a last minute submission for the Art That Blows auction; abstract, aesthetically pleasing and playful, incorporating leftover musical instrument pieces.

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All paintings are listed on the paintings page, ordered by newest to oldest. On that page are links to each series with a short description of the project. If you’d like to browse by technique or tag, those links are in the footer.

If you click on an individual painting, I list the title, size, mediums used, date and series. I also write a short essay describing my thought process. Many of my older paintings are missing that section, so if you’re particularly interested in the meaning on one of those, send me an email.

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