[ tar-uhdid-l ] noun

a small lie; fib.


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thought process

For taradiddle I was trying to think of a very normal fib in everyday life. Something so commonplace you’d never notice if I didn’t draw attention to it. I chose the generic response to the question “How are you?” Answers are generally “great!” “busy” or maybe just “fine.” There’s usually a lot that’s left unsaid.

I initially considered using a bunch of smiling faces. I looked through my collage magazines (CommArts from the 90’s) and discovered two things:

  1. 90’s stock photos of people are surprisingly dated, and it’s kind of hard to find normal photos of people that aren’t white.
  2. This large image really captured the feel I was going for. It’s a paper sample, and the same woman is printed on the reverse, but she’s smiling.

I started layering with papers with this image until it felt right. I’m more comfortable with paint and mechanical objects, so collage-heavy pieces like this are an interesting challenge.