PH Coffee

Gallery Showing

The paintings displayed at PH Coffee from March-April 2022 are mostly from The 100 Day Project (an annual collective challenge that takes place on Instagram under #the100dayproject hashtag).

  • 6 are from my haiku series – the first year I participated in 2016. I wrote a haiku based on’s Word of the Day, then illustrated it (I made it 21 days).
  • 3 are from my word series, which was also based on the Word of Day, and was either purely an abstract representation of the word, or a visual representation of what came to mind when I read the word.
  • I continued this style of painting for The 100 Day Project in 2020, which stretched into 2021 before I capped it at 50 paintings, and those are bulk of what’s displayed – 31 paintings.

All pieces are mixed media on 140# hot or cold press watercolor paper. Unframed pieces will be $30, framed pieces $50, and can be purchased in PH Coffee until the end of April.

I write explanations of my thought process behind each piece, so click on a specific painting to view details, see word definitions and/or haiku, materials and progress shots.